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SEOmaxim International is a portal dedicated to SEO specialists and SEO companies formed by a web director, an ad section and a news section.
You should promote your business in the web directory, give any ads you want and post advertisements in the news section for free.

Your SEO bennefits

  • In the section dedicated to the web directory you can add your own company or promote the business of your clients for free;
  • You can give any ads you want to promote your business or customers for free;
  • You can also create an unlimited number of advertisers to promote your business or business for free;

Our premium SEO packages

Below we present a pre-defined list of promotional SEO packages, SEO audit services.

We accept online Credit Cards, Bank Wire Transfer and offline with POS through our country local representatives.

Basic SEO Audit

SEO Audit On-Page only

Order with 100 €

Advanced SEO Audit

SEO Audit for On-Page and Off-Page

Order with 300 €

Google AMP SEO Audit

SEO Auto for Google AMP Websites

Order with 400 €

SEO Advertorials

10 Advertorials with ranking transfer from homepage under last news list section

Order with 100 €

SEO Web Directory

10 Web Directory listings with ranking transfer from homepage under last web directory list section

Order with 100 €

SEO massive Ads

100 Ads listings to different websites to save your time

Order with 100 €

Google AMP website

Build a standard Google AMP website with backend Pages and (Services or Products or News)

Order with 1500 €

Website Apps for IOS and Google Play

Build a standard Apps for your website and register into IOS and Google Play

Order with 10 000 €

Need a custom package?

We offer a profesional support. I appeared on the Internet with my first website in 1995, when the Google search engine did not exist.

Depending on your needs, we can set custom packages using our online cash deposit system.

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