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Take care with claims about unvaccinated case rates

I TV’s political editor, Robert Peston, wrote a Twitter thread with the headline: “Infections higher among double vaxxed for those [aged] 40 to 79

Posted on Sep 19, 2021
Scottish Covid vaccine trialists ‘treated like second-class citizens’

Scottish vaccine volunteers are being treated like “second-class citizens” while waiting for the Novavax jab to be approved, an MSP has said, as they continue a mo

Posted on Sep 19, 2021
Kentucky surgical technician, 29, dies after spending her wedding day in hospital because she refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine after her colleagues wrongly told her it affected fertility

A 29-year-old surgical technician set to be married this summer has died after not taking the COVID-19 vaccination over unfounded fears it would make her infertile.

Posted on Sep 16, 2021
Nicki Minaj says White House 'offered a call' to her to answer questions about COVID vaccine concerns following her flurry of misinformation tweets

Rapper Nicki Minaj says she was 'invited' to the White House after she posted a flurry of misinformation tweets earlier this week about vaccine side effects.   'The

Posted on Sep 16, 2021
Nicki Minaj claim that Covid vaccine can cause impotence dismissed by Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago’s health minister has dismissed claims by the rapper Nicki Minaj that a cousin’s friend had become impotent after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, s

Posted on Sep 16, 2021
'There have been NO cases of swollen testicles after taking the COVID jab': Trinidad Health Minister is forced to issue public statement after Nicki Minaj made false claim to her 22m Twitter fans

Trinidad and Tobago's health minister has criticised Nicki Minaj for wasting his time by forcing him to look into the safety of the Covid-19 vaccine after she claimed

Posted on Sep 15, 2021
More than 2,000 healthcare workers in isolation placing hospital systems under pressure

More than 2,000 health workers across NSW, Victoria and the ACT are currently in isolation, placing more pressure on the remaining workforce as Covid cases continue to

Posted on Sep 15, 2021
UK vaccine advisers ‘acted like medical regulators’ over Covid jabs for children

The UK’s vaccine advisory group behaved like a medical regulator in rejecting calls for all children aged 12-15 to be offered Covid jabs despite that not being its r

Posted on Sep 07, 2021
Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi hints Sajid Javid WILL make full vaccination a condition of employment for all NHS workers

Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi today hinted Sajid Javid is going to press ahead with plans to make full vaccination a condition of employment for all NHS staff.  Rep

Posted on Sep 06, 2021
Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon review – B-movie thrills in New Orleans superhero gumbo

I ranian-American director Ana Lily Amirpour serves up heaped spoonfuls of B-movie thrills in Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon, in which a supernatura

Posted on Sep 06, 2021
GP surgeries across UK tell patients that flu vaccine jabs will be delayed by up to TWO WEEKS due to crippling HGV driver shortage as experts fear it could lead to outbreak

GP surgeries across the UK have told patients their flu vaccinations will be delayed by up to two weeks because of a HGV driver shortage. Experts fear the country wi

Posted on Sep 04, 2021
Outgoing Japanese PM backs vaccine minister Tara Kono as successor – report

Japan’s outgoing prime minister Yoshihide Suga will back Taro Kono, the popular minister in charge of the country’s vaccination rollout, as his successor, accordin

Posted on Sep 04, 2021
Emmanuel Macron: ‘There is no vaccine for a sick planet’

The world’s biggest biodiversity summit since the start of the pandemic has opened in the French port city of Marseille with a warning from Emmanuel Macron that “t

Posted on Sep 04, 2021
Vaccines on horseback: Fiji doctors take long and muddy road to protect remote villages from Covid

T o reach Nakida village in the highlands of Fiji, Dr Losalini Tabakei and her colleagues hiked for hours, up and down mountains, through forests,

Posted on Sep 04, 2021
Let parents decide on Covid jab for 12- to 15-year-olds, say vaccine advisers

Parents should choose whether they allow their children to be vaccinated against Covid-19 if ministers overrule scientific advice against mass vaccination of healthy 1

Posted on Sep 04, 2021
War over Covid jabs for 12-year-olds: Ministers are 'frustrated' at experts' delay in approving child vaccine doses amid pandemic fight

Senior ministers are said to be increasingly embittered at the failure of Government experts to authorise the rollout of Covid vaccines to under-16s. A Whitehall sou

Posted on Sep 03, 2021
Boris Johnson gives go-ahead for autumn boosters: Elderly and vulnerable patients will get third dose of Covid vaccine within WEEKS

Millions of elderly Britons will get third doses of the Covid vaccine this autumn, Boris Johnson said last night. But it may be weeks before the final details of the

Posted on Sep 03, 2021
Boris Johnson sends FOUR MILLION Pfizer doses to Australia to help rescue the locked down country's disastrous vaccine roll-out - as humbled PM Scott Morrison says 'I owe you a beer'

Britain has bailed out Australia by giving the country 4million doses of Pfizer's Covid vaccine in a landmark deal.   Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said t

Posted on Sep 03, 2021
UK young people: how do you feel about getting your second vaccine dose?

High numbers of under-30s are not coming forward for their second Covid-19 vaccine dose within the recommended 12 weeks, Public Health England data shows. According

Posted on Sep 03, 2021
Trump loyalists team up with anti-vax doctors for ‘health and freedom’ tour

Top loyalists to Donald Trump, who frequently push lies about election fraud, have joined forces with conservative doctors touting unproven Covid curesand vaccine skep

Posted on Sep 03, 2021
Kim Jong-un rejects Covax vaccine offer as North Korea fights pandemic in ‘our style’

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered officials to wage a tougher epidemic prevention campaign in “our style” after he turned down some foreign Covid-19 vacc

Posted on Sep 03, 2021
Getting two vaccines halves risk of suffering long Covid, study claims

Being double-jabbed almost halves the likelihood of long Covid in adults who get coronavirus, a new study has suggested. Researchers at King's College London also sa

Posted on Sep 02, 2021
Amazon to recruit 55,000 staff globally in tech and office roles

Amazon is planning to hire 55,000 staff in corporate and technology jobs in a global recruitment drive as the coronavirus pandemic fuels a boom in online retail, digit

Posted on Sep 02, 2021
Japan’s Moderna Covid vaccine rollout hit by recall and contamination scares

The Moderna coronavirus vaccine programme in Japan has been hit by a series of contamination incidents, prompting it to recall 1.63m doses found to contain metal fragm

Posted on Sep 02, 2021